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Da Vinci Code, The - (2006)
Ron Howard
149 min
When respected American religious symbology expert Dr. Robert Langdon is summoned to the Louvre by the French version of the FBI, led by Captain Bezu Fache, he soon discovered that he is the #1 suspect for the murder of a historian Langdon had been scheduled to meet with.. Assisted by a French cryptographer and government agent named Sophie, Langdon is challenged to decipher a chain of cryptic codes and puzzles, all the while trying to stay ahead of Fache's lawmen in a chase through the Louvre, and out into the Parisian cityscape, and finally across the channel to England. Can Langdon and Sophie decipher the nature of a secret dating back to Leonardo Da Vinci and earlier before those responsible for the historian's murder add them to their hit list?
Tom Hanks . . . . . Robert Langdon
Jean Reno . . . . . Bezu Fache
Ian McKellen . . . . . Leigh Teabing
Paul Bettany . . . . . Silas
Alfred Molina . . . . . Bishop Aringarosa
Audrey Tautou . . . . . Sophie Neveu

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