Client Gallery
For 12 years now Helicon7 Impressions has worked with various companies and design firms to create high quality web sites to meet todays commercial needs. Here is are a few examples.

Illinois Rental Property Owners Association
A full featured association website including a bulletin board, membership area, and a secure administration area able to safely modify all information contained on the website.
A Gift Collection
A simple website for a small start-up business.
Country Arbors Nursery
A straightforward approach to offering a product line and available services of a local nursery in an attractive and user friendly manner.
John Smith Property Management
A local property manager and entrepreneur, this site is a full featured database of current rental properties as well as information and published writings on various connected topics.
Rantoul Theatre Group Online
Developed for a local community theater group.
American Oil Chemists Society Online Press
A client in online technical journal publishing during 2001-2005

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